Karma Health Weight Loss Centre & Independent Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic since 2009 www.sprucegroveweightloss.com

Karma Health is a Health and Weight Loss focused Centre located in Spruce Grove, Alberta. We are an idependent Authorized Ideal Protein clinic www.sprucegroveweightloss.com

We have the number one Weight Loss program in Spruce Grove, operating as an independent Authorized Ideal Protein clinic and distributor of the Amazing Skincerity Breathable Mask for skin tightening and other skin issues.  Along with the Protein foods, we also carry Green Valley dressings, Guys Bar B Q Sauces, Joseph's Pancake Syrup and Walden Farms products. All are gluten, carbohydrate, calorie, cholesterol & fat free)

What makes US different?

How about, “WE CARE MORE.”

We pride ourselves on our reputation as the most supportive, experienced and committed health and wellness coaches around. Pushing past the limits of just weight loss and into health, we work with you to achieve your optimum health.  After (and during) you’ve lost your weight, we educate and train you on how to ensure those pounds are “lost” forever and never “found” again. Our clients feel comfortable asking any and all questions or concerns, which helps us build that unique relationship between our clients and coaches.

The coaches at Karma Health work together as a unified team for YOU! Celebrating your successes along the way is our passion and joy. We push past mediocrity and go beyond exceptional and excellent service. With the tremendous support and encouragement in our center, you can’t help but succeed!  We go that extra mile for our much loved and valued clients.

Integrity, passion, and commitment are core traits possessed by our exceptional Karma Health Coaches. If you are seeking the most supportive, best qualified and personalized one-on-one coaching with our team.

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Karma Health Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9-until last appointment 
Wednesday: 9-until last appointment
Thursday: 1pm-last appointment
Friday: 9-until last appointment
Sunday & Stats:Closed


Our hours are flexible, we stay if we have appointments. If you need to pick up product or want to stop in for a weigh in, please call.

We want to give you the best possible service!! Call 780-960-4110 and leave a message.

We will get back to you asap.

Total Pounds Lost

Clinic Total Loss

Centre's total pounds lost to date : 15,763 pounds

Weekly Loss: 38 pounds

Karma Daily Tip

The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces. - Traditional Proverb

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#201 - 323 McLeod Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB T7X-0J6


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